Saturday, March 17, 2012

So, I guess this is goodbye...

Hi everyone.

So, you may have noticed that this blog hasn't been very active lately, which it hasn't... We've both had insanely busy lives as of late and have been a little otherwise preoccupied.

Since taking over Young Bloggers Unite in November, we have had fun times, successes, and also some struggles. From the beginning, it's been kind of difficult, the up-keeping of the blog and the whole transition itself from Melina and HD running YBU and us taking over. We anticipated it to be hard, of course, just not with all of the added hectic-ness in our lives. Well... we've been really, really busy lately, as mentioned before. School and personal stuff has kept us on our toes! Unfortunately, we've both realized that despite our efforts we just cannot continue committing to running Young Bloggers Unite.

We hope that you guys understand as you have before. Thanks for participating if you have, and reading the blog and being an awesome young blogger. We apologize to anyone who may be disappointed, but it came to be too much. We realize that it's not the best thing for anyone to continue trying to run a blog but not being able to give it 100% of the attention it needs (or anywhere close, as of late).

Thank you for your understanding, and Don't Forget To Be Awesome, fellow young bloggers. :) -Cat and Austin

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Discussion: What's on Your iPod?

This week, Cat and I discussed the music on our iPods, Zunes, or whatever other music players we might have. Leave in the comments your thoughts!

  Austin: Hello, Cat!
 Cat: Hey Austin!
Austin So, this week's subject is iPods.
 Cat: Yes. Or Zunes.
 Austin:  Or Zunes.
 Cat: Or your respective third party music playing device.
 Austin: Old school MP3s, or even a Walkman. If you're from the 90's.
 Cat: Yep!
  So... what do you like to listen to on that iPod?
Austin: Well, I have a hugefriggenmungous music library. However, my favorites are Opeth, Circa Survive, Between the Buried and Me, and After the Buriel.
 Cat: hugefriggenmungous.
  Yes. Me too.
Circa Survive and BtBaM are awesome...
 Austin: Indeed they are.
So what're some of your favorites?
 Cat: I listen to just about everything.
But at the moment I'm kind of obsessed with Sleeping with Sirens, Pierce the Veil, and August Burns Red.
  I like a lot of bands but I go through phases of listening to a lot of three or four at a time.
Austin: Same with me.
  Though, I mostly stay in the same genre.
 Cat: That is? :P
 Austin: Metal.
  Though there many sub-genres, metal is the main one.
Cat: Wooh for metal!
  Though I have to say Circa Survive isn't quite metal ;)
 Austin: True.
 I blame my sister for getting me addicted.
  I hated them at first.
  But yeah...
 Cat: goshhh hating Circa Survive!? Haha.
  So who do you have to blame for most of your music taste? How do you hear about new stuff to listen to?
Austin: My dad is the person who introduced me to metal music. And I normally hear about new music from my sister who interviews metal bands.
Cat: Well that's pretty awesome.
  Personally, you get brownie points just for not being a Bieber fan. ;)
Austin: Haha yeah. Not even music.
  So how'd you come to acquire your taste in music?
Cat: My friends. And Pandora. Otherwise, I would probably be a Bieber fan or something right now.
 Austin: That'd be sad.
  Just sad.
 Cat: My friend introduced me to My Chemical Romance when I was 10 (which admittedly, not exactly music for a 10 year old) and then I was just really into all kinds of rock music and the sub-genres.
It would be woeful.
 AustinSo, do you have any music on your portable music playing device that you absolutely hate but for some reason keep it?
Cat: Yes, actually. How about you, and what's yours? I mean, one only asks that kind of question if they have an answer, haha!
Austin: Haha um I have some Cradle of Filth, which is an utterly horrible band. Also, the albums Load and Reload by Metallica. I love all of their other stuff, but those albums... Ugh.
Cat: Haha, nice. Cradle of Filth.. sounds lovely.
 Austin: Haha, not really. So what are yours?
 Cat: I definitely have all three High School Musical soundtracks.
  I'm not even sure why.
 Austin: :O
 Cat: yeahhh.
 Austin: That's... cool. Hahaha.
 Cat: yes I'm super cool.
  But I think there was a time where everyone wanted to marry Zac Efron, so...
  Well, maybe not you, actually.
Austin: Yes, I remember the world of teens going through that particular phase.
  Not pleasant memories for me.
Cat: Dude, my mom was obsessed with him.
  Well maybe not obsessed.
  But it was still creepy.
 Austin: Well, at least it isn't as bad as a Twilight mom.
 Cat: That too.
So... back to music. Do you have any musical guilty pleasures?
  Kinda similar to your question but different.
Austin: Hm...
  Not really.
  None that come to mind, at least.
Cat: Mine's not really a guilty pleasure, but I listen to the Harry Potter soundtracks and people are just like '...what?'
 Austin: But that's awesome.
  I actually do have the Lord of the Rings soundtrack on my iPod.
  But I don't really listen to it.
Cat: I don't all the time but it's good chill music for like, reading and stuff. Do you ever listen to music while you read? (People either do it or they're appalled :P)
Austin: Yes. Usually this song.
Cat: That's epic!
 Austin: Isn't very "chill"
But I manage to fall asleep to it.
 Cat: Yeah kinda the opposite.
  Skills, bro.
 Isn't After the Burial playing Warped Tour this year? I think they are. Yes. /endmonologue
 Austin: WWHHHATTT?!?!?!
  looking up Warped Tour
  I've seen them live once.
  Absolutely incredible.
 Cat: gosh you've seen good music live. Jealous.
  Yes they totally are!
  I just checked.
Austin: Oh wow.
  Must get ticket.
 Cat: Right!? I'm so excited. I'm definitely going this year.
  I know you've seen a lot of live music, but what's your favorite concert experience that you've had?
Austin: Hm. That's a hard one.
  Between the Buried and Me.
  Oh, and Circa Survive.
And Norma Jean.
  Gah, hard to choose.
 Cat: Geez you've seen everyone! I can imagine that'd be a hard choice :P
 Austin: Haha yup.
  So back to iPods..
 Cat: Heh yeah.
Austin: (Well I can't really think of any more questions)
 Cat: (Me either. Well, actually, one.)
  What's the most played song/album on your ipod?
Austin: Haha wow.
  I can plug it into iTunes and check.
 Cat: (Sorry I wasn't trying to create like, a process :P)
  (should we end it after this?)
Austin: (Haha nope already doing it. You got me curious)
 Cat: (I'm actually looking I don't know what mine is either?)
 Austin: (If you want)
 Cat: (*.)
  (whatever! We're decisive.)
 Austin: (Haha yes we are.
Cat: (ah! Found it. eureka)
 Austin: (What is it?)
  (Actually you don't need to whisper this)
 Cat: (true!)
Just found mine! My most played song is Welcome to the Black Parade by My Chemical Romance and my most played album is between The Zombie EP by The Devil Wears Prada and Riot! by Paramore
 Austin: Haha wow. That's pretty cool.
  I can't find mine....
Cat: Whatt? Gosh I thought that was supposed to be even easier to find on ipods. :P
  Well if you had to guess what do you think it would be?
 Austin: Hang on. Googling it.
Cat: Thank God for THE GOOGLE.
Austin: Yeah, I can't find it. feels stupid
 Cat: Awww. But you're not stupid. :)
Austin: Haha thanks.
  So yeeeaaahh.
 Cat: So, young bloggers. We ask, what's on YOUR ipod (or other respective music playing device of your choice)? What's your most played song (if you can find it ;))? Do you listen to music while reading or is that blasphemous? Leave your thoughts in the comments-- we want to know!

Monday, February 6, 2012

Monday Book Challenge #4

 You are given a quote from a popular book. First comment to correctly tell us what the book is and the name of the character who said it wins!

This week's challenge:

"Listen, Vlad. Before I say anything else to you I have to tell you something. I . . . I told Eddie Poe some things. I didn't mean to. It just . . . kind of happened.  And I'm sorry. So sorry. He caught me at a really bad time, and . . . I'm sorry."